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The teaching manuals are offered as free downloads in the hope that they will inspire and encourage you to explore your own creative potential.

Working with Children

Simplicity is the key to communication at all levels.  Sensory Rainbow is a sensory healing programme for children with complex needs. The manual offers an innovative approach and practical advice, to encourage communication through sensory stimulation, using energetic alignment, voice, music, colour, fragrance and creative play. 

Sensory Rainbow

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This manual offers a holistic approach with clear and structured communication guidelines for children with special needs.  Helpful activities are suggested to improve communication, listening and attention span.  Client stories demonstrate the healing impact of music and creative play.

Happy Talk

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Case Study of Jimmy, a little boy with
Foetal Alcohol Syndrome

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A collaboration between myself and my friend and colleague, composer Michael Kowalski.  This musical package introduces music and voice as a healing agent for children. 

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Musical Magic

Online training and individual consultations are available. Please email for details:

Holistic Voice Consultancy

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“Sound is the medicine of the future.”

Edgar Cayce