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“When I initially got tinnitus in my right ear (very high pitched ringing), I tried everything from prednisolone, HBOT (hyperbaric oxygen therapy), ginkgo biloba, neurology medicines all within the 4-6 week onset period. I am sure some of it helped reduce the tinnitus volume in my right ear but nothing like the results I have achieved through the Light Voice program. Jennifer offers a holistic approach that not only helps you tackle your tinnitus but also works on your old negative belief systems that are underpinning your tinnitus recovery. Jennifer has helped me change my belief system and perception towards life that in turn has made me a much more relaxed person to a degree I didn’t think could be reached so simply and effectively. Those who have known me for years notice the change in me and my overall life has improved. Jennifer is a terrific healer not only for tinnitus but also for other life issues that you may want to address.”

  1. Y. Malik, New Delhi, India

“I found Jennifer’s clinic after my homeopath suggested I try singing to resolve my tinnitus, and this felt right. I’ve been on the programme for several months, during which time the tinnitus has sometimes dramatically reduced, and has had phases of stabilising and becoming moderate.  Sometimes the tinnitus has become prominent again, but this clearly relates to stress and trying to force improvements. I am learning that simply having faith and trusting the process brings more peace and success, and I am committed to the programme for the long term.  Many other positive changes have occurred since starting the programme, including letting go of my reliance on noise masking sounds at night, and becoming much calmer, patient and tolerant.  I no longer dwell on past traumas, and it is far easier to be content with who I am, even when things don’t go to plan. This programme offers healing on all levels.”

J. Guest Anglesey Island, Wales

“I have had tinnitus for almost 3 years.  I had tried a variety of treatments and Jennifer’s, I can honestly say has been the only one to really help me. I have tried craniosacral therapy, acupuncture, Ear, Nose and Throat doctors, chiropractors and even a medical medium. Jennifer’s program is easy to follow and affordable.  Jennifer’s support has been invaluable to me. When I have gotten down or frustrated, she has always supported me, pointed out my progress and helped me believe in myself.  Six months ago when I started with Jennifer, I was at the end of my rope and I didn’t know how I would survive my tinnitus.  On a typical day, my tinnitus was 8-10 and I was hardly sleeping or living.  Now my average tinnitus level is at a 5 and I have gotten it down to 1 at times. Do I wish it was eradicated? Yes, but I have learned that each case is different and that everyone heals at their own pace. The one thing that I have never missed is the toning/alignment exercises she gives. They are now part of my day and my life.”

J.S Atlanta, GA US

“I have suffered from Tinnitus in both ears for approximately six years and it has slowly been getting more of a problem, so much so that a family friend recommended that I contact Jennifer, who explained the emerald alignment programme in terms I could relate to, so I agreed to give it a try.  I admit initially, I was sceptical but went in with an open mind and a positive attitude, after all, what had I to lose? Within two weeks of following the relaxation and toning exercise, the volume of my tinnitus had reduced. Not a dramatic reduction, but on a scale of 1-ao, ten being the worst, I was now about 8.  The following weeks saw further reductions in volume and short periods where there was none at all!  I also found that the re-alignment was having positive effects on my general well-being.  When doing the breathing and alignment exercise, I noticed I became very warm and also felt tingling similar to electrical impulses in my legs and hands and afterwards I felt totally relaxed.  I am now in my 7th week of the programme and the tinnitus is down to an average of and sometimes down as low as 2 or even zero. , although there are still variations depending on events occurring in my life. The trend is definitely heading towards freedom!  The programme is certainly worki9ng for me.  This is not an overnight cure, it is a process of cleansing body and mind through the relaxation techniques and bringing it all back into line.  If you remain positive and stick to the programme, with the help and support Jennifer will give you, I am sure all Tinnitus sufferers could benefit greatly.”

J. Barnes, Cambridgeshire, UK

“I had a big problem in my ears. I was in extreme tension and didn’t know what to do. My life was becoming worse. You have given me new hope and courage that I can’t forget in my life.  You helped me with sincerity and pay me full attention.  A lot of positive change had occurred with my tinnitus. I feel calm and relaxed now than before and I now have many hopes in my future life also. You are just like a ladder for me.”

A. Kamal , Karak, Pakistan

“Using only the alignment tone and the emerald alignment, my tinnitus is a fraction of what it was. It is incredible that three weeks of the preparation phase alone has caused such significant improvement.  The tinnitus is not as bothersome in the morning when I wake and is now barely noticeable in a quiet room.”

S.G. Pennsylvania, US

“Using the programme of tones and colours together with the emerald alignment twice a day, eventually led to the complete disappearance of the deeply disturbing tinnitus.  It also cleared a number of emotional and psychological longstanding issues; I now am more confident in all aspects of my life.  It is interesting to note that everyone around me notices the change in me.”

B. Matthews, Holmfirth, West Yorkshire

“I don’t think anything beats the human voice.  My tinnitus vanished”

J. Burns, Halifax, West Yorkshire

“I had a bad reaction to anti-depressants twenty years ago, which left me with sleep disturbance and tinnitus in the form of loud ringing in my left ear.  Since the toning and alignment programme, the ringing has gone and I no longer need to take sleeping pills.  The toning/alignment programme has gradually made a huge difference to my tinnitus which has almost disappeared.  I hardly notice it during the day and at night, it no longer wakes me up any more or stops me from getting to sleep in the first place!  It has been well worth the disciplined practice and it’s such a relief that it has nearly gone altogether. I am so glad I spotted the information about you and what you offer.”

J. Dickson, Ripponden, West Yorkshire

“Jennifer’s kind and considerate approach instantly put me at my ease. The way in which the toning process was explained to me initially over the ‘phone and then on skype was both comprehensive and comforting. Jennifer’s ability to demonstrate her knowledge of vocal toning, anatomy, physiology, metaphysics and all aspects of the work is inspiring.”

A.Noble , Watford, Hertfordshire

“Jennifer, thank you for helping me with my tinnitus. Over the past four months my hearing has really improved and has gotten away from hearing that badly buzzing sound. Now I can hear 10 times better. I can now hear low and high pitched sounds also.”

C. Goodwin , Matoaka, West Virginia, US

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