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Toning is a powerful and ancient method of healing with the voice which impacts at both the physical and the subtle energy levels, triggering an anatomical process which stimulates and regenerates the central nervous system. Using the voice in this way provides nourishment for the brain, releasing inner tension and anxiety through simple vocal techniques to create specific sounds. The action of toning with focused intention sends acoustic stimulation to every part of the body, triggering dynamic possibilities for healing by activating the body’s own self-healing mechanism. Toning is also a powerful self-help tool to use in the breaking of addictive patterns and can be successfully integrated into therapeutic practice.

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Each chakra tone has a unique function and resonates within a specific chakra (energy centre) of the body, which in turn corresponds to the vibration of a specific colour on the rainbow spectrum and to a specific anatomical area.  The vocal tone spectrum creates a rainbow of colour and sound to strengthen and balance the auric field, the envelope of subtle energy which nourishes the physical body.  There are eight tones, one for each major chakra with two tones for the base chakra.

Rainbow Chakra Tones

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We can learn much from ancient cultures who recognised energy as a source of inner wisdom and harmony, nourishing and sustaining earthly life and continually flowing to us from the heavens above and the earth below.  Indigenous people used sound to connect to the earth and to evoke reverence and oneness with nature.  Focused use of the Rainbow Planetary Tones will open and clear the subtle energy system which connects our physical bodies to the energy continually flowing to us from nature and the cosmos.

Rainbow Planetary Tones

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Click on the Image above to download a free manual

Click on the ‘play’ arrow above to listen to the Toning Demonstration


“I met Jennifer through my search for more information, and understanding, of how vibrational toning can be used as a tool to assist me in managing and coping with stress during lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I had some previous experience of toning work, I had learned some of the tones, and had a desire to complete the set.

My experience with Jennifer has been life changing, I have noticed improvements in all areas of my life: emotional/mental health, and wellbeing, physically, even my relationship! I also sleep much better.  I juggle a lot of stress in my day-to-day life and now I find that though those issues are still there, I now deal with them much better.  Jennifer is very easy to work with and has a genuine passion, and belief in, holistic healing; for emotional and physical well-being.  I felt valued, and never rushed and always felt good after my sessions.

The toning itself; I practice every day, the Emerald Alignment; I practice multiple times a day. This is a lifelong journey. “Keep your head in the sunshine, Kelly” (Jennifer Warters 2020).”

  1. Kelly Donald, Cheshire, UK.

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“Sound is the medicine of the future.”

Edgar Cayce