Integrating Science and Metaphysics

The significance of memory in tracing causative factors in disorder and disease is a key component in the Living Memory programme.  A unique approach combines subtle energy alignment, body mapping (tracing life events to correlate with symptom patterns) sound therapy and iatromathematics (medical astrology) with an emphasis on self help. The Academy of Spiritual Sciences accredited therapist training programme enabled post graduate students to go on to practice worldwide. Manuals, published research and podcasts are available through the website. Over 2,000 case studies conducted over three decades now form the research archive for the Living Memory Research Trust.

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The Living Memory Research Trust is a non profit organisation established in 2007, with particular reference to trauma and special needs, to collate and review client case studies drawn from clinical practice over a thirty year period. Our goal is to promote an integrative approach to healing through a deepening understanding of the quantum nature of consciousness.

Living Memory Research Trust

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“I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness.”

Max Plank: Physicist - Nobel Prize Winner