The role of memory has long been acknowledged by healers as the key to unlocking pre programmed belief systems which pre-determine our state of health.  As science continues to search for answers, healers draw upon the ancient knowledge that in addition to current memory, subconscious memories relating to pre-birth experience, are carried forward to the present life. This is the continuity of consciousness demonstrated by sages and mystics through time.

Trauma memory

Unresolved mental or emotional trauma is imprinted and retained energetically within the electro magnetic field (aura), interrupting flow and creating symptom patterns which we recognise as illness. The inexplicable illnesses which baffle doctors and the conditions which fail to respond to orthodox treatment are just some examples of imprinted soul memory.

Genetic pre disposition


The Interface of Consciousness

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Humanity stands poised on the brink of a revolution in

the understanding of consciousness, an opportunity

to achieve a quantum leap in the integration of

Body, Mind and Spirit

Living Memory Research Trust

The discovery of DNA in 1953 demonstrated how genes control chemical processes within the cells, suggesting that genetic coding is predetermined and fixed; today the process is better understood. Groundbreaking research confirms the role of positive attitude and intention in directing gene expression, directly influencing our biology, physiology and ultimately our health.No longer prisoners of our DNA we are free to choose our own destiny.

Imprinted Soul Memory

Few would deny that we are conditioned by a combination of environmental, parental, social, cultural and religious experience.  Added to this are the retained soul memories of another time and place, present at birth. This soul record of experience is carried forward as subconscious memory, energetically imprinted and retained within the electro magnetic field and at a cellular level. This explains the phenomena sometimes referred to as ‘past life memory’. Our positive or negative interpretation of past experience creates our belief system, preferences and prejudices which in turn pre-determine our responses.

True healing  is transcendent

Beliefs originate at the mental level

By transforming the belief system

we align Body, Mind and Soul

As biology bridges spiritual awareness through the new science of epigenetics, the link between memory, behavior and belief is revealed. No longer shackled by outmoded concepts of space and time we contemplate the origins of consciousness and perceive the continuity of soul memory as a reality. The DNA molecule is only one part of the spiritual blueprint linking past, present and future.

Spirit as Primary Source

The human body, a complex organism operating at the physical level i.e. the material world, is the grossest or densest element but one aspect of our true identity, our origin, is spirit.  The governing factor is the essence of light which emanates from a higher frequency beyond the lower bands of the electromagnetic field, the reflection of the individualized soul personality which is eternal, refining and evolving through time. The higher consciousness connects to and through the crown chakra, an eternal messaging system, downloaded to the brain, interpreted or misinterpreted in accordance with free will.

Consciousness (the state of being aware of and responsive to our surroundings) is multi dynamic and composed of the sensory and cognitive abilities which determine how we feel and how we act, ultimately defining our individual moral and ethical conduct. This is viewed by orthodox medicine as the result of chemical interaction within the brain, with imbalance described in psychiatric terms as mental or behavioural disorder.

In esoteric literature this mental/emotional energy corresponds to the finer elements of ether and is transmitted to and interconnects with the organs and systems of the body via a fine web or circuitry, described in the literature as ‘the subtle energy system’. The cause of imbalance is viewed as inner conflict which results in disturbance of  neuro chemicals. The aim is to restore equilibrium by identifying stress indicators to redress the balance. This network has been mapped for thousands of years in Chinese and Hindu sacred  texts, providing the foundation for ancient medicine. It is now acknowledged by western orthodox medical traditions and increasingly incorporated into medical care through acupuncture

The subtle energetic web interconnects with the neurological and sensory systems and the limbic system via the left and right brain hemispheres, the two are co dependent. The challenge is to balance rational thought with emotional response; the energy radiates out beyond the physical body harmoniously or chaotically as each magnifies its sphere of influence. This energetic dance is observed as the electro magnetic field or Aura. The field can be observed by those with clairvoyant ability as shimmering colour and light which emanates as an aura; it can also be photographed and monitored using kirlian technology. Vibrational fields correspond to the  mental/emotional interaction, an ever changing dynamic .

A specific field  encapsulates archived memory  incorporating  current life and pre birth memory, a defining factor in perception and belief. This  protective sheath provides a mechanism which helps prevent sub conscious memory impacting negatively on the present.. This sheath can become weakened or fragmented  eg through sexual, psychological or substance  abuse resulting in inappropriate leakage of other life memories which may impinge negatively on the present creating confusion and distress.

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